Are you wondering why you got a dog in the first place?

  • Do you have to bribe, threaten, or trick your dog into listening?
  • Does your dog have to be shut away instead of enjoying life with you?
  • Do you know your dog could be great, if only he wasn’t so wild and out of control?

If your dog is barking, biting, chasing, running away, and in general ruining your life, we can help. If your dog listens when there’s nothing better to do, but does what he wants as soon as something more interesting comes along, we can fix that too. The worse your dog is today, the better he can be tomorrow.

I want to stop worrying about my dog


It can look impressive to see dogs respond to someone who has a natural way with animals, but that means very little when you’re the one holding the leash. Owning a dog shouldn’t be dependent on being able to intimidate the dog, out muscle them, or constantly assert your dominance. I’m focused on easy, effective strategies to control your dog’s behavior, regardless of who you are.

Experience: 8 years
Training Style: Positive reinforcement
Favorite Dog: Dogs with passions!

Our Clients

I go out of town rarely due to my pets – With a wide range of exotics and a cattle dog with separation anxiety, it’s hard to find a pet sitter I can really trust with my whole crew. Raegan completely blew away my expectations! She kept in communication with me throughout her time in my home, with frequent updates on how everyone was doing. When I got back from my trip, my dog Barsky acted as if we were never gone – Completely happy, completely normal and without any of the signs of stress that I normally find when I come home from any substantial time away. I was amazed! I’ll definitely hire Raegan again; I’ll finally be able to leave town and enjoy myself, knowing my pets are in excellent hands. – Katy Masters, Toledo, OH


Go Lie Down!

Here’s something you can start with your dog right away. It’s easy, doesn’t need special equipment, and will make a difference in your life right away. All you need is your dog, his dinner, and a dog bed (loosely defined as any area with an edge that your dog is allowed on). Click here to …


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